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Jade, Canada

Ben, Germany

"Made my skin feel so smooth afterwards, will definitely be buying again. The smell was neutral and felt very organic. I also love the packaging of the container and the application with the little spoon."
on Antioxidant Moisturizer: Normal - Dry Skin
"I started using this lip balm because i continuously had dry lips from biking in the cold. I was surprised by how little i had to apply this product for my lips to be hydrated for a long time!! I strongly recommend choosing this product if you are looking for a natural, cruelty free and affordable solution to dry lips!!"
on Creamy Vegan Lip Balm

Milica, Canada

I love how smoothly it goes on my skin! I have really sensitive skin and this product left my skin feeling so hydrated :) will definitely be purchasing it again!
on Cocoa Body Moisturizer

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