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About Us

Boost My Eco is a small skincare business founded in 2022, based in Oakville, Canada. At Boost My Eco we believe that beautiful skin should not come at the risk of damaging the long-term health of our bodies or the long-term health of our planet.


This is why we focus on making natural and sustainable skincare products with limited plastic usage, and safe and effective ingredients. All of our products are made by hand and in small batches, ensuring the freshness of our products, maximizing their beauty and health promoting benefits.


Our business operations and products are guided by 6 principles that we proudly uphold to deliver the best products we can.

Our Guiding Principles


Our products are simple yet effective without a long list of unpronounceable ingredients that provide no long-term value to your skin


Our products are not made with ingredients or processes that harm or exploit animals or people


All of our policies, products, and processes will consider and attempt to minimize negative and improve positive impacts to the environment 


Our products are priced in a manner that enables natural & sustainable skincare to be accessed by all


We do not engage in false advertisement and will never sell products we do not believe you need. All of our marketing, products, and recommendations reflect available scientific research, no greedy, baseless marketing


We redistribute a portion of our earnings to charitable organizations posted on our website

Meet the Owner/Formulator

My name is Sebastian Contin, owner of Boost My Eco. I have been making skincare products for myself, and family and friends for over three years now. I truly love formulating skincare and I am a perfectionist and growth oriented, so over the years I have pushed myself to improve my products by spending countless hours going through scientific research to find the very best ingredients for our skin. I have also taken some courses in skincare formulation and obtained a certificate in Natural Skincare Preservation from Formula Botanica in 2022 to learn to how ensure the safety and shelf life of my products.

I am an immigrant, born and raised in the Dominican Republic until I immigrated to Canada in 2008 with my parents and sister in search of a better and safer life. When I am not immersed in skincare, I am working full time in the field of Economic Development, supporting the economic health of my community. I love to travel, hike, bike, garden, go to the beach, play sports, spend time with my bunnies and lose track of time learning new skills, among other things.

The owner of Boost My Eco Natural & Sustainable Skincare standing in front natural scenery

Our Story

From the ages of 16-21 I struggled with mild to moderate acne and rough, dry and sensitive skin. I tried every conventional synthetic product & treatment to improve my skin, from antibiotics to topical acne creams, but nothing worked for longer than a few months. The only thing I accomplished was possibly harming the health of my body and skin, and leaving my skin looking even duller. In 2019, the problems increased and my skin looked the worst it ever had. I was prescribed some of the most concentrated (and harshest) treatments available. Slowly, the appearance of my skin improved, but with it, many side effects came along. These included severely dry skin & lips, extreme redness, and face swelling. However, the worst of all were the permanent scars left on my face, and a prolonged, piercing chest pain that has persisted for over 2 years.


Some of the side effects became unbearable and I decided to request to stop the treatments early. After this, I turned to something I never tried before: natural skincare products, but more specifically, homemade ones. I turned away from synthetic products from popular brands and started making products for myself with the most natural ingredients I could find. Ever since then, my skin has looked better and healthier than ever. Now, after years of experience, research, and classes, I have perfected my skincare products and I want to share what has made my skin look the best it has in years, in hopes that you will too find something to boost your skincare.

**Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional. This is an anecdotal observation. What may have worked for my skin may not work for your skin, if you're currently on prescribed treatments, consult your dermatologist before making any changes to your skincare routine. 

Eco Commitment

Our commitment to the environment came about as I was doing research regarding the skincare industry. I learnt that a lot of the ingredients that are commonly used in non-natural skincare, come from fossil fuels. Even worse, I learnt that 120 BILLION units of plastic waste are produced every year by the beauty industry from packaging, and I learnt that plastic can only be recycled a few times before losing strength and being discarded to pollute our environment for an unimaginable amount of years after we are gone....

With more sustainable packaging options available, I could not, with a clear conscience, add more plastic to our environment or create skincare using ingredients that supports the fossil fuel industry or raise emissions. All this led me to decide that Boost My Eco would only operate if it could be part of the solution rather than the problem. So, join me on this journey and become a part of the sustainable skincare movement.

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Boost my Eco is committed to supporting a plastic free world. Although we try to limit our plastic usage, about 1% of our product packaging contains plastic, by weight. This is why 1% of all profits from each purchase goes to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization with a mission of removing 90% of all plastic from our waterways worldwide.

Read about The Ocean Cleanup

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